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Charlie's Old-Fashioned Combined with Blue Beacon

     In the spring of 2010, Charlie’s Old-Fashioned Truck Wash and its parent company, Blue Beacon, combined their services under one roof.

Charlie's Truck Wash

     Two bays remain Charlie’s Old-Fashioned Truck Wash and continue to offer the same hand wash, premium services, and front drive services that you have been accustomed to since Charlie’s Old-Fashioned Truck Wash was built in November 2001.

     One of the four bays has been converted to a traditional Blue Beacon wash bay. In this bay we provide the same services that are available at all our 100+ locations around the country.

     The remaining bay has been designated as a Washout Express, “Washout Only” bay. Click here to view our National Washout Procedure Notice. We will not perform any other wash services in this bay. We hope to provide a much quicker visit for our customers that only need washout services.

     While Blue Beacon offers a high quality washout, we do not guarantee sanitization or complete removal of residue from previous loads.

     We appreciate your continued patronage and look forward to offering you a full service facility that will better meet all of your washing needs.

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Rest assured, we will work hard to meet your needs at
both Blue Beacon and Charlie’s.